1. Manure Management ​​

  • ​Agitation and Pumping - We have a variety of pumps available to agitate barns and lagoons
    • ​Lagoon Pumps, Pit Pump, Agitation Boat
  • ​Transportation - Multiple types of equipment are available to move liquid product
    • ​Honeywagons, Tankers, Dragline
  • ​Application - Liquid is applied by surface application or injection
    • ​​Honeywagons - Surface or Injection with Dietrich Shanks
    • Dragline - Surface application or Injection with Dietrich Shanks

​2. Consulting/Brokering ​​

  • ​Building a barn? Making improvements to existing facilities? Need to start the conversation with the livestock producer or the crop farmer? We have over 30 years of experience and we are willing to help you as much as possible. 

3. Crisis Management

  • ​We have the resources to move large amounts of liquid in a short amount of time over any amount of distance. 

4. Trucking​​

  • ​We have semis and tankers available to move thicker liquids any amount of distance. 


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